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“Mr. Dependable”

Parag Asthana “Mr. Dependable”- is an ex-army officer who has over 15 years of army, corporate & entrepreneurial experience. His inclination towards co-curricular activities, pubic speaking & management during the school days were further honed in the Indian Army and saw him conducting various events and functions in the army & corporate. A blend of class & modernity allows him to think laterally and hence ideate concepts that are novel and appealing. An avid reader, he loves to photograph landscapes and wildlife.

Mayank Asthana - The Stress Buster


“The Stress Buster”

Mayank Asthana - The Stress Buster”- an MBA, has over fifteen years of rich experience of corporate and as an entrepreneur. He has been a dynamic & successful entrepreneur and has established various verticals in his hospitality business, event management being one of them. Known for his wit and sense of humor, he never fails to crack a fast one at any opportunity given to him. This keeps the atmosphere lively and removes the stress from the work place. A movie buff himself, he is a walking & talking encyclopedia on movies.

Rj. Nirvikar- The Voice We Love

RJ. Nirvikar

“The Voice We Love”

As they say – “Lucky are those whose voice is heard and even luckier are those whose voice cuts across the geographical barriers and also connects with people of all age groups”. One such voice is that of Nirvikar Yadava, fondly known as RJ Nirvikar. An RJ by profession, he loves to live his life to the fullest. Creativity is his forte, fun is his way and among many of his talents, his ability to connect with people is one that gives him a deep insight into what people desire.

To understand what a person wants is the first step to a great event. Planning follows next, and is directly dependent on what has been understood. And well! If you have Nirvikar by your side just know that your thoughts are in safe hands’ ;-).

Sayukta- The hues person


“The hues person”

Samyukta - The hues person , popularly known as Sammy among her friends is the go to person for Passiflorites when confusion looms large over colour combinations and creative setting. An MSc and B.Ed by qualification she worked in the field of education only to realise her real calling is in the creative field. Among her many creative faculties she has an uncanny knack of visualising the right colour combinations in any setup. Whether it’s a soft-jewel or Bold or Neutral or iridescent or pearlescent set-up, she always has the right combination for the venue. With her experience in this field the team trusts her completely with whatever she proposes. She wears many hats and has worked successfully along with Raj to give customers their dream set-ups. Many satisfied customers are a testimony of the creativity that she brings on the table.

- The Choreographer


“The Choreographer”

Deeksha is a distinguished Kathak dancer and a ‘Nritya Visharad’. Stage attracts her and among her many successful performances, the ones performed in art & literature festivals are the one closest to her heart. She has a dance studio of her own where she takes pride in training students of a large age group ranging from 5 years to 70 years and that too different dance forms including folk dances. Choreographing for events is a passion she loves to live by and she says “Most of the People who come for choreography for event have little or no training but have loads of zest and josh to learn which always adds a lot of fun. She gave up a promising HR career to follow her passion and when asked about the same fondly replies “I am no longer working, just doing what I love to do” Other than her many roles in the company she also takes care of bridal make-up consulting. She is a fine mehndi artist and just know which option among the available options will be best for the bride.

deepti- The Designer


“The Designer”

Head of the Dehradun chapter, Deepti is a multitasker in true sense. She manages both her passions - interior designing and events with equal ease and efficiency, a quality which has fast become a rarity in today’s times. She loves to paint and has worked in tandem with Samyukta on multiple occasions to add breathtaking hues to a venue. Her deep understanding of aesthetics which stems out of her work in the field of interior designing has resulted in innovations with material that was unheard of. Understanding the need of customer and then presenting to them much more than that is the creed that Deepti lives by.
She is often found behind her canvas, doodling her thoughts on paper. A great team player, she is an asset to the company.

Raj- The Creative Hat


“The Creative Hat”

Raj Sonowal “The Creative hat” - is a lawyer by education and an entrepreneur by choice. Of all the hats he puts on, it’s the ‘creative hat ‘ that gives the team a different perspective. His creativity knows no bounds and his creations out of waste leaves people spellbound. This uncanny knack of his makes him the creative head, who conceptualizes the events. He loves nature, and can spend hours playing guitar & humming to himself sitting in its lap. A silent observer, he has an eye for detail that enables him to achieve great results.

Gaurav- The technology man


“The Technology Man”

Events these days have as much online presence as on ground and who other than Gaurav to work as your social media and IT head. A successful entrepreneur, he has been instrumental in successfully running online campaigns of many political leaders. His ability to know the trends of the industry has given the company an edge several times. HIs hobby of conducting surveys to know the pulse of the customer is quite a unique hobby that makes it easier for Raj & Samyukta to ‘ideate’. He has a very balanced head over his young shoulders and is a great team person. He also heads the ‘photography’ service segment of the company and assists customers in knowing what they can and what they should expect from the photography team. In any event he spearheads the online campaign, hashtag creation, web page creation and photography. His knack of building relationships is infectious and customers usually end up being his friends.

Shivam- The Artist”


“The Artist”

The long and slender fingers of Shivam has rightly earned him the name of - ‘The artist’. His imagination knows no bounds and his skill with the system and software compliment it. The skill that makes him unbelievably good is the ability to understand and convert the imagination and desires of the customer into printable media, animations etc. And when he is not designing Shivam can be seen listening to his favourite music and cooking. HIs culinary skills are as good as his designing but at times, while cooking the imaginations does go awry :-). The youngest member of team has shouldered big responsibilities during major events and his post production skills are par excellence. His work with cinematic videos, album edits have been well appreciated by the customers and the fact that there has hardly ever been a re-edit just goes to show his efficiency. He can be usually found behind his editing station.

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